Student Code of Conduct

2020-2021 Student Code of Conduct - Most Current

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi strives to protect its educational community and to maintain social discipline among its students and student organizations. All members of the University community are entitled to freedom from suffering deliberate hurt, injury, or loss regardless of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, veteran status, sexual orientation or gender identity. The University endeavors to foster the development of students who are ethically sensitive and responsible community members. The Student Code of Conduct is available online at Copies are available at the beginning of the Fall term for students to pick-up in the Office of Student Conduct & Advocacy, University Center, Room 206.

The Office of Student Conduct & Advocacy is responsible for the management of the Student Code of Conduct. The Student Code of Conduct is reviewed on an annual basis and is printed upon request. The Code is not a contract between the student and the University. The University reserves the right to publish such revisions on the University’s website, and students will be held accountable for knowledge of these revisions. The University will attempt to keep students informed via students’ Islander email account of all changes in rules and procedures which may affect them. Students are expected to check their Islander email account on a regular basis. All communications regarding conduct issues are provided to the Islander email account.

Any approved changes that would have an impact on the current 2020-2021 Student Code of Conduct will be published online at The online version of the Student Code of Conduct will always reflect the most updated rules and procedures for students.

Since students serve as representatives of the University, inappropriate behavior, whether occurring on or off campus, will, at the discretion of the University, be investigated and adjudicated in a manner pursuant with TAMU-CC’s educational and community development goals. Consistent with this purpose, reasonable efforts will be made to foster the personal and social development of those students who are found in violation of University regulations and/or local, state, or federal law.

Table of Contents     (click Article to view)
Article I: Jurisdiction       Article IX: Student Organizations
Article II: Definitions       Article X: Authority and Procedures Related to Exigent Circumstances and Public Safety on Campus
Article III: Violations of the Student Code of Conduct       Article XI: Appeals
Article IV: Authority       Article XII: Conduct Records
Article V: Policy on Parental Notification of Alcohol and Drug Violations       Article XIII: Hearing Bodies 
Article VI: Amnesty       Article XIV:

Students with Disabilities

Article VII: Student Conduct Proceedings Article XV:

Distance Delivery Methods

Article VIII: Sanctions Article XVI:

Interpretation & Revision