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Parent/Family Resources


Student conduct records are considered educational records and fall under Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act protection. If you are not the student, but have questions about a particular case due to your involvement as a parent, guardian, other involved party or advisor, please be aware that in most circumstances without a FERPA release we cannot share details about cases – past or present – with you. Students may file a FERPA release form at the Registrar's Office. Once a FERPA release is on file Student Conduct & Community Standards may be able to release some limited information to authorized individuals.

Reporting an Incident 

Any member of the campus community may file an incident report regarding suspected student misconduct via the online incident reporting form found at Please be as detailed as possible regarding the incident in question. There is also an option to upload any applicable documents such as photographs, screenshots of social media pages, etc. Any emergency situations should be reported at once to the University Police Department at 361-825-4444.

Behavioral Conduct 

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi has strict guidelines regarding acceptable behavior for all University students and detailed processes for how the University will respond to violations. The Student Code of Conduct provides students with the information regarding the University's expectations. In addition, this flow chart provides a visual explanation of the overall process. 

Academic Conduct 

In addition to the Student Code of Conduct, students are held to additional standards regarding their academic misconduct. This information can be found in detail within the University Procedure for Academic Misconduct, 13.02.99.C0.04. In addition, this flow chart provides a visual explanation of the overall process. 

Title IX, Gender/Sex Based Discrimination 

In addition to the Student Code of Conduct any incident which involves gender based discrimination may be investigated and adjudicated under the Student Sexual Misconduct Process. This flow chart also provides a visual explanation fo the overall process. Additional accommodations may be available to students who have been the victim, or who have been accused of, gender based discrimination. For more information regarding Title IX you can access additional resources at